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Collaborative feedback
for product team

Comète is about

Involving users to improve your app

Analysing feedback objectively

They use Comète everyday

To improve communication around
their IT projects

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Software Users' feedback
Create Users community
Users Involvement
Partner IT Services company
Easy user involvment

The community of users shares their feedback


Comète centralizes and
analyses the feedback

Relevant decision-making

The product team takes
objective decisions

Dead simple
collaborative work

Feedback are done through a simple click on your tool interface

Fast and easy

Just add a line of code in your project. Smooth ;)

Don't change developers habits,
Connect Comète to your tools

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Your user at the center of your applications

Your users give their feedback directly on their application and can participate to their colleagues’ feedback.
With Comète, your users can directly take and annotate a screenshot.

No assumption, take objective decisions

Comète's feedback analysis tells you if a feedback is relevant or not. We analyse among other things the users, their environment and compare them to our data.

Create a community around your app

Give visibility to your users by showing them a global view on the next developments.

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For who ? For anyone who wants try Comète :) Get Started! For anyone who wants use Comète for an unlimited period of time Get Started! For companies who need strong commitment from us, compliant exports and customization. Buy Entreprise
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Nb of Feedback Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Intgrated user screenshots
OAuth with Google and Slack (soon!)
Integration to Slack, Jira..
see all here
Integration to ServiceNow (and HPQC soon!)
Integration to custom third services app
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Compliance Audit trace and Excel export for the last 7 days Audit trace and Excel export for the last 7 days Audit trace and Excel export since the begining of the project
Support Standard Priority support 24/7 with four-hour response time
Uptime 99% guaranteed uptime SLA
Get Started! Get Started! Buy Entreprise
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Standard $49
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